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One World Trade Center

One Monday this past July I went on a tour of the World Trade Center construction site.  It was one of those moments when knowing someone comes in handy.  My aunt works for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the short version is that a tour was happening, do I want to go?

One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center

Of course I did.  I am fascinated by the construction of buildings, like 432 Park Avenue, and couldn’t wait to explore one of most famous construction sites in the world.  Even before 9/11 the World Trade Center towers were internationally recognized.  Their creation added the neighborhood of Battery Park City to lower Manhattan.  New methods were used thanks to innovators like Arturo Lamberto Ressi di Cervia who supervised the slurry wall construction of the original trade centers which still survive today and are now visible to the public (pictures below).

The importance of One World Trade Center is not lost on me.  I had lived in New York for a little over 1 year on 9/11.  When I got to work  around 9 am the doorman of the building said something had happened downtown but wasn’t sure what.  We opened at 9:30 so most of my colleagues were there too.  Our gallery is located in Midtown Manhattan which is approximately 4 miles north of the World Trade Center.  We found a radio and tried to figure out what was happening.  My cell phone wasn’t working but fortunately I got in touch with my parents who live outside of New York and told me the news.   More

New York, Earth’s Most Competitive City

I read this article by Jason Gay in the Wall Street Journal a week ago, “NYC is No. 1 Forever(ish)”.  Gay states that New Yorkers compete on every level possible: careers, apartments, public transportation, sidewalks, real estate open houses, exercise, dining out and vacations.  I was a little upset when he decided to use the Mets as his example of non-competitive New Yorkers, but then I decided he must be a Yankees fan (He’s a Sports Columnist for the WSJ.  My quick internet research proved inconclusive as to which NY baseball team he roots for.  Perhaps he has to be unbiased).

My first reaction was, “I don’t compete with anyone but myself,” and busied myself with other things.  Over the next few days I couldn’t stop wondering though if I compete with other New Yorkers.   More

Pictures of Lower Manhattan in the Dark

NY Mag Cover Photo by Iwan Baan

The cover of this week’s New York magazine has a fantastic nighttime shot of Lower Manhattan in the dark last week.  NY Mag asked one of their contributing photographers Iwan Baan if he happened to be in town last week.  He was so he captured these photos that seem out of a movie or Photoshopped.

His story of taking the photos is here as well as additional photos.  The pictures on NY Mag’s website are much bigger so you should go there to see them.