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Gimme ancient Greek Sandals

Love the Greek footwear

Love the Greek footwear, National Archaeological Museum of Naples

When you look at a massive marble statue you wonder how the artist conceived it.  How many sketches of a model in different poses were made?  Was a there a clay model?  How much polishing was required to get the marble just so? The question on my mind?  Are those sandals real or made up and why hasn’t any contemporary shoe designer made them yet?

These sculptures tower over you.  You look up trying to catch the subtleties and your eyes wander down and around ending at the feet.  The feet could have been bare, simple, strong Greek feet, but no there are these fantastic sandals.

More fabulous Greek footwear, National Archaeological Museum of Naples

More fabulous Greek footwear, National Archaeological Museum of Naples

Yes there are gladiator sandals today but nothing with this level of embellishment.  Naturally if sandals like these were real they would cost more than I could spend.   I’ll just watch “300” instead and admire the uh, sandals there.  Mmmhmmm.


National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli

Farnese Hercules, c. 3rd century

Hercules from Baths of Caracalla, c. 3rd century CE

Oh hello.  Is winter over yet?  Is it time to come out of hibernation?  Here we are.  Let’s do this Naples thing!  Our first official day in Naples was spent at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.  It houses artifacts from Pompeii and Herculaneum and several Roman antiquities.  Being able to see bronzes and mosaics rescued from Pompeii before visiting there emphasized its glory once we got there later in the trip.  As we walked through the rooms of the museum reveling in the collection it was clear that this was the most important archaeological museum in Italy.  The Egyptian collection was not open since it was August and according to Cadillac only Americans work hard.  No matter. More