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Junior Kimbrough and Lamb sliders

Last night while make lamb sliders with feta cheese, red onion and cumin mayo, I decided to listen to this track that Hedi Slimane used at his debut collection for Yves Saint Laurent.  It’s the blues artist Junior Kimbrough edited by Daft Punk.

Looking at the pictures of the show the song works well with the clothes and the attitude that Slimane was projecting.  I don’t think he really challenged himself though.  There was so much buildup to his debut that I was hoping for more.  Maybe the next time around he’ll wow us.

As for the lamb sliders it was the second time I’ve made them and I’ll make them again and again.  Check out the recipe!

Lest anyone think that I just eat out and don’t know my way around the kitchen I thought I’d share once in a while about the things I cook.  The recipe comes from Food52.  Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs created the website as a way to socialize about food and recipes.  They wanted to write the first crowd sourced cookbook in 52 weeks, hence the name and lack of pretension.  People contribute recipes, Amanda and Merrill and people like me test them out, give feedback and include helpful pictures of the steps involved.

I tried to take pictures of the sliders but food photography is not easy with a regular ol’ digital camera.  Trust me, they were delicious and super easy.  I’ll work on my food photography!