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Naples in August

Via dei Tribunali, Naples

Via dei Tribunali, Naples

Let’s forget about the cold weather and remember the time a few months ago when I went to Naples, Italy for the first time.  This past Summer vacation was spent in Naples (5 days), then a small Aeolian island called Panarea (8 days), a few days (3) in Positano and finally 2 days in Rome to eat at a couple of favorites and see a fantastic exhibition of Luigi Ghirri photographs.  Panarea was my favorite part.  I love vacations but Panarea was better than anything I could have imagined.

Naples is a beautiful city packed with culture and a long, rich history.  The historic sites and buildings are not as perfectly packaged as Rome.  It is grittier and stranger than Rome.  In the New York Times Travel section Rachel Donadio was “Seduced by Naples.”  I can’t say that I was.  I was intrigued and puzzled but Venice seduced me more than Naples.  Perhaps Naples in the days before Pompeii was destroyed, or when the Bourbons ruled it as the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, I may have been seduced. More

Dogs of Venice and Croatia

Dog in Venice

In traveling through the old towns of the Croatian Coast and Venice I realized that they are perfect places for dogs and small children.  No cars, trucks or motorcycles to deal with, just pedestrians.

My parents got a Maltese when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade.  I named him Snowball.  We kept his hair short, not long like the show dogs.  He enjoyed a special place in our family until my sister and brother were born.  He was 13 by that time so the combination of old age and small children may have explained his less than friendly behavior.  Since the neighborhoods we lived in were small we could usually let him outside and count on him to return.  One day though he didn’t return and we gave him up for lost or dead.  Snowball returned though a few months later.  A couple picked him up ignoring his tags that clearly had our address and phone number on it and took him to New York where they named him Murphy.  Eventually we got Snowball back although they couple was incredulous that he was ours.  Nevermind how he responded to Snowball, not Murphy, and how he perked up when he saw our house.

I’ve always wanted another dog but living in NY discourages me from the idea.  I’m allergic to cats and I don’t want a fish or a bird.  Wherever I go I notice dogs and that was true in Venice and Croatia so here they are.  Not all the pictures are great because I was trying to catch them without their owners noticing or while they were sitting still, which you will see I didn’t always succeed at.