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Gimme ancient Greek Sandals

Love the Greek footwear

Love the Greek footwear, National Archaeological Museum of Naples

When you look at a massive marble statue you wonder how the artist conceived it.  How many sketches of a model in different poses were made?  Was a there a clay model?  How much polishing was required to get the marble just so? The question on my mind?  Are those sandals real or made up and why hasn’t any contemporary shoe designer made them yet?

These sculptures tower over you.  You look up trying to catch the subtleties and your eyes wander down and around ending at the feet.  The feet could have been bare, simple, strong Greek feet, but no there are these fantastic sandals.

More fabulous Greek footwear, National Archaeological Museum of Naples

More fabulous Greek footwear, National Archaeological Museum of Naples

Yes there are gladiator sandals today but nothing with this level of embellishment.  Naturally if sandals like these were real they would cost more than I could spend.   I’ll just watch “300” instead and admire the uh, sandals there.  Mmmhmmm.


Cherry Bombe! A magazine you need in your life

Cherry Bombe, Issue No. 1

Cherry Bombe, Issue No. 1

Back cover of Cherry Bombe

Back cover of Cherry Bombe

I heard about Cherry Bombe and was excited to get my hands on it.  Kerry Diamond, Editorial Director, and Claudia Wu, Creative Director (both worked at Harper’s Bazaar) have a mission: “To celebrate women and food, those who make it, grow it, serve it, sell it, style it, enjoy it and everything in between.  Did we mention most of our contributors are women too? ”

With their first issue, “The Tastemakers Issue” they have succeeded in their mission.  It was $18, but at 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 173 pages, 1 pound, 11 ounces, with beautiful photographs, styling and stories you want to read, it is worth it.  The matte paper stock feels lush making me want to keep it forever instead of recycling it with my other monthly magazines.  If you picked up Lucky Peach or any of the Edible magazines then you’ll know what I mean.

How can you resist supermodel Karlie Kloss on the cover with her bowl of The Perfect 10 Kookie batter that she conjured up with Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar?  I haven’t tested the recipe for the kookie yet but I have tasted it (they’re available for purchase at Momofuku) and the dairy, gluten-free, vegan cookie is yummy.

A quick rundown of the table contents reveals known and unknown women and subjects (this is a small selection): Rachel Dutton, Harvard microbiologist who focuses on food; food stylist badass Victoria Granof who made all those Irving Penn food photos amazing; Helen Turner of Helen’s Bar-B-Q in Brownsville, Tennessee; Charlotte Druckman, author of “Skirt Steak: Women Chefs on Standing the Heat and Staying in the Kitchen”; Caitlin Freeman‘s cake tribute to Dries van Noten; “food artist” Jennifer Rubell; Nandini D’Souza’s memories of her Mother’s cooking literally adding spice to Ridgefield, Connecticut; Celia Sack of Omnivore Books.

There is so much jam-packed into this magazine that you should immediately buy it or get a subscription.

I enjoy the work that went into Cherry Bombe.  They ran a Kickstarter campaign which is now over, but I’m glad they got their funding.  Since it seems that art, fashion, food are colliding every day I’m happy to see magazine try to encapsulate that, and move beyond it.


Pouf! There’s goes history

Kuti's son with the family manuscripts kept in a metal box.  Photograph by Horst Friedrichs/Anzenberger/Redux.

Kuti’s son with the family manuscripts kept in a metal box. Photograph by Horst Friedrichs/Anzenberger/Redux.

Being a lover of books, art and history it’s sad to hear how parts of Timbuktu’s libraries have been destroyed.  The New Yorker Blog

I think of my own library.  I have an e-reader but I also have 3 bookcases at home packed with books that I have read and books that I want to read. Since I won’t be moving into a bigger apartment anytime soon I thought one way to save on space is to stop buying books.  It doesn’t stop me though.  I can still go into a bookstore and want 10 things.

I established a rule a few years ago: you must finish a book before you buy another book.  I love breaking rules.  I did finish a book last night, Them: A Memoir of Parents by Francine du Plessix Gray.  I loved her book At Home with the Marquis de Sade: A Life which examined the Marquis de Sade’s correspondence with his wife Renee Pelagie de Sade to reframe what we know about him.

I like the way she writes so when her memoir of her parents came out in 2005 I bought a copy.  Yes it’s 2013 and I’ve finally finished it but let’s just say I get distracted.  Her mother was Tatiana du Plessix who had a brief but historical romance with Vladimir Mayakovsky and had a thriving millinery business at Saks Fifth Avenue.  Her stepfather Alexander Liberman was an artist but is best known for his 30 plus years at Condé Nast, specifically at Vogue.  The story of these Russian émigrés who impacted the New York cultural world beginning in 1941 until their deaths in 1990s, was engaging and sad, but a terrific portrait of 2 strong personalities who certainly left their mark.

Here are some pictures of Francine du Plessix Gray and her parents.  Style

Next I’m going to tackle Furious Love:  Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and the Marriage of the Century by Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger.  I watched that drivel that Lifetime put together “Liz & Dick”  and it was hilarious.  My favorite line delivered by Lindsay Lohan in a bad wig: “I’m so bored!”  Hahahahaha

Francine du Plessix Gray with her parents Alexander Liberman and Tatiana du Plessix Liberman.  Photograph by Irving Penn for Vogue, 1948

Francine du Plessix Gray with her parents Alexander Liberman and Tatiana du Plessix Liberman. Photograph by Irving Penn for Vogue, 1948



Gimme some Gallo stripes!

Selection of Gallo Socks

Selection of Gallo Socks

Since coming back from Rome a few friends have asked me what I bought.  I think they’re disappointed when I tell them Gallo socks!  In going to Rome I never thought it was a shopping trip.  To me it was more a cultural and food trip.  If I had more time to wander the neighborhoods and find local shoe, clothing or handbag shops maybe I would have come back with a new suitcase packed with purchases.

I like sending postcards to my friends and family instead of buying magnets or shot glasses.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen hilarious magnets and shot glasses but I think, “Do my friends really want a magnet with a small plastic Colosseum on it?  Will they really use this shot glass?”  I like to believe my friends would rather see pictures and hear stories than get another tchotchke to dust.  And too bad if ya wanted that Roman tchotchke cause I’m not bringing it back!

Okay, so you won’t bring back a shot glass but you get excited about striped socks?  Well, these are special striped socks.  They’re made in Italy and I thought you could only buy them in Italy but now as I look at their website you can order them online from various retailers (you pay a premium though as they’re more expensive than what we paid).  Alright so that removes the exclusive factor, let’s discuss the sentimental factor.

Bf wears Gallo socks.  I’ve rarely seen him in anything but these colorful, fantastic socks.  Oh and they have to be the long ones that extend almost up to his knee.  Short ones will not do.  I’ve always been tempted to steal his socks but he’d notice.

Imagine my joy as we’re on our way to board our flight back to New York and I spy a free-standing Gallo shop in the middle of the Rome airport terminal!

We received our socks in a nice Gallo logo covered pouch with snaps.  I love the orange rooster logo.

Cock a doodle woooooo!  Gallo socks!

Cock a doodle woooooo! Gallo socks!

It’s easier to match these up instead of just brown and black socks.  I would help my mom match up my stepdad’s black and brown socks and it was no fun.   At least with the stripes you know you’re matching up the right pairs and not a black and brown sock.

Gallo socks just out of the dryer

Gallo socks just out of the dryer

Here’s to an obssession fulfilled.  It will be a slow process to feed the beast but I will enjoy every moment of it.

Late to the Kiki Party

But can you ever be late?  “Lock the door, lower the blinds and fire up the smoke machine.”  Leave it to an episode of Glee for me to discover “Let’s Have a Kiki” by the Scissor Sisters.  I have their first two albums but missed their third and now I know about their fourth and perhaps last album.  When Kurt (Chris Colfer), Rachel (Lea Michele) and Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker)  started singing and dancing I thought whatever this is I like it.  Finally  Rachel and Kurt are having a NY experience: a house party with drag queens and Carrie from “Sex and the City!”  Hahaha.  The mashup of Turkey Lurkey Time with the song isn’t too annoying.

The Scissor Sisters haven’t released an official video for the song but one was made by the Videodrome Discotheque which was approved by Jake Shears and has a collage of Liberace, RuPaul, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Cher, Queen, Donna Summer, Candy Darling, Dressed to KillThe Boys in the BandMyra BreckinridgeThe Wiz, Boy George,ShowgirlsPerfectThe Phantom of Paradise, Cher’s workout video, Richard Simmons, LisztomaniaCan’t Stop the Music, The Golden Girls and possibly more.  Oh and Ana Matronic’s intro/message is longer and funnier so watch it!

Let’s Have a Kiki!

Truffle-Hunting Dogs, Brenda Walsh Saves a Life & Serious Nail ART

Alba, farmer Andre Feraud’s dog, sniffs a “Black Diamond” truffle at a truffle ground in Reauville in southern France. Courtesy NY Mag

Mmmmm truffles.  Well if you can’t have them you can look at the cute dogs (Pepsi!  Alba!) and helpful pigs (Nini!) that find them.  NY Mag

Shannen & Kurt. Courtesy Shannen Says

Did you ever see Shannen Doherty’s reality show “Shannen Says?”  I caught a few episodes and even though I know she’s not Brenda Walsh in real life I couldn’t help thinking that they were one in the same.  We watched as Shannen planned her wedding which must have happened because there are pictures.  Now she saves lives.  She received some frantic tweets from a fan in NJ and managed to defuse the situation from LA.  Gooooo Brenda!  Stay tuned for her next show “Shannen Saves!” dlisted

Frida Kahlo via Jesus Fever

Painting my finger and toenails is fun but frustrating.  At most the polish stays intact for 2 days and then the chipping begins.  I love these girls who get elaborate nail art done.  I don’t know how they manage to keep it for so long.  These ladies go for nail art with a capital A covering a range of artists from Roy Lichtenstein to Frida Kahlo (amazing) to Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.  Flavorwire

Movie Mondays: Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel

Diana Vreeland. Courtesy

I think part of my success as an editor came from never worrying about a fact, a cause, an atmosphere.  It was me–projecting to the public.  That was my job.  I think I always had a perfectly clear view of what was possible for the public.  Give ’em what they never knew they wanted.”  D.V.

I love Diana Vreeland.  She  is an icon.  The movie “Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel” is a wonderful and entertaining portrait that is a must see if you have an interest in fashion, photography, celebrity, beauty or publishing.  She was such a ball of energy and creativity.  Her colleagues and assistants said she was difficult and demanding but I think she had to be to see her avant-garde visions carried out.

You gotta have style.  It helps you get down the stairs.  It helps you get up in the morning.  It’s a way of life.  Without it, you’re nobody.  I’m not talking about lots of clothes.”  D.V.

Vreeland was hired by Carmel Snow at Harper’s Bazaar first as a contributor which evolved into fashion editor of the magazine, and stayed there for 25 years (1937-1962).  She followed this with a stint at Vogue as Editor-in-Chief (1962-1971).  And if that wasn’t enough she was a consultant at the Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art from 1972 until 1986.  The flip side of all this is that she never got a raise while at Harper’s Bazaar and was passed over for a promotion.  Her time at Vogue was cut short because the magazine wasn’t doing so well under her and her expenses for photo shoots weren’t helping.  Fortunately her friends rallied to get her a job at the Costume Institute where she revolutionized the department.

Vogue always did stand for people’s lives.  I mean, a new dress doesn’t get you anywhere; it’s the life you’re living in the dress, and the sort of life you had lived before, and what you will do in it later.”  D.V.     More

Farewell to Gossip Girl

Tonight is the beginning of the sixth and final season of Gossip Girl.  6 seasons?  Good grief.  I’ve given chunks of the last 5 years to this show?  Indeed.  I watched from the beginning out of curiosity, then because I was hooked and, in the past 3 seasons, just to see it end.  When it became totally ridiculous I watched because the recaps and comments on were hilarious–imagine reading them and laughing out loud so that your co-workers ask what’s so funny not wanting to admit you just read a recap of a show dubbed The Greatest Show of Our Time, but when you do everyone rolls their eyes, judges quietly and leaves you alone.

Sometimes I’d miss an episode, read the recap and go back and watch the episode just to feel like I was part of group.  I never commented but the regular commentators are a witty and funny bunch.  Josh Schwartz did better here than with The OC by not throwing out all the possible plots at once, although by season 3 or 4 everyone on Gossip Girl had slept with each other at least once or come close.

For me the best parts of the show were trying to guess where they were filming in NYC and if I had ever been there; the fashion of the women and Chuck Bass; and the chemistry between Blair and Chuck.  Also the general over-the-topness of the lives of the characters was a fun escape.  I may have woes but oh, the woes of the fabulous Upper East Side!

So here’s a slideshow of iconic style moments from the show by The Fug Girls.  They initiated and led the recaps and they do a great job of dressing down the fashion mistakes of celebs on their blog, which I mention in my Resources, Go Fug Yourself.  

You know you love me.


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