September Hot Guys with Baby Animals and Hot Priests

Kids are back in school, the weather is changing which means Mary Poppins may be arriving soon or that Summer is over.  This time of the year makes me melancholic.  Summer whizzes by and here’s September the limbo before Fall.  It’s especially sad settling back into normal life after a good vacation.  This is why I disappeared in August and why it’s been difficult for me to get my act together.

Our monthly calendar installment is one little bright spot.  Not a fan of the Hot Guy.  Definitely yes to the Priest.

September 2013 Hot Guy with Baby Animal

September 2013 Hot Guy with Baby Animal

I like Diesel the Italian Greyhound.  What is the Thunder from Down Under?

Oh God.  It’s a male revue in Vegas.  HAHAHA!

They have a national tour if you can’t make it to Vegas.  They even have a calendar, feather boas and t-shirts for sale.

September 2013 Hot Priest

September 2013 Hot Priest

Smolder.  This is what our September Priest is doing.  Thank God because the past few months have been disappointing!  I have no further comment on him except enjoy!

I was in Italy the last two weeks of August and I tried looking for the 2014 Hot Priests Calendar.  I saw them at newsstands here and there but guess what!  The priests are all the same!  No new priests!  I was so excited to see them but so sad upon inspection to see the same guys of 2013.  Why not change it every year?  I can’t be the only tourist buying the calendar.  Do they expect people to buy it once because they’ll never return to Italy?  Here’s an untapped market.  Boo.

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