August Hot Guys with Baby Animals and Hot Priests

Where is the Summer going?  Why does it always fly by?  Kapow!  August is here.

My brain and my body are definitely on Summer time.  The heat is manageable now in NY unlike June which was a cooker.  Summer equals vacation so I want to stay up late, be lazy, spend the day wandering around, which is pretty much my normal mind-set, but the warm weather really encourages it.

Let’s move on to what you came here for: our monthly installment of Hot Guys, Baby Animals and Hot Priests.  This month is good.

August 2013 Hot Guy with Baby Animals

August 2013 Hot Guy with Baby Animals

I appreciate the focus on the puppies, Phillip and Alexander, rather than our guy, Adrian.  Not that Adrian is terrible.  He is presenting us cuteness AND the photographer has made sure the cuteness are in detailed focus.  Puppies for me!  And when we get tired of the puppies Adrian will be there!  Maybe he can take care of the puppies for us?

Our priest is also an improvement over last month.  He does not resemble anyone I know therefore I can make up whatever story I want to about him.  Here we also have a tightly cropped shot of our priest.  He has his collar on but there are no other details to tell us he’s a priest.  Interesting how this is true of the other months.  It would detract from the Hot if they showed the priest performing Mass in front of the Congregation.  We will take the illusion of religion but please, keep the Hot.  In fact, the illusion helps add the forbidden element to it all, no?

August 2013 Hot Priest

August 2013 Hot Priest

Too bad they don’t tell us which churches we can find these Priests.  It could help with attendance.

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Oh and I will extract the blog posts from my head and deliver them here.  I must because good grief!  I notice that I’ve been lamenting my laziness for a while now.  Time to suck it up and do something!

Wonderful things have happened in the time I have slacked off here, like my best friend since third grade getting married, going to Goldeneye in Jamaica, seeing the construction of One World Trade Center and writing my name on a part of the 104th floor!, visiting with friends at Schroon Lake, NY and best of all: on August 14, taking my Summer vacation in Naples and Panarea.  Yes there will be some Rome and Positano too!


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