Ranakpur, A quick stop from Udaipur to Jodhpur

Outside of Ranakpur

Outside of Ranakpur

On our drive from Udaipur to Jodhpur we stopped at the early 15th century Jain temple of Ranakpur.  It is a large white marble building, a nice refuge from the sun.  Since millions of people have walked through the temple the marble was a lovely sensory experience on my bare feet.  I love being barefoot.  I’m not about to walk around in unhygienic settings without shoes but when I have the chance to let the toes breathe I love it.

There are over 1,400 unique pillars that support the temple.  If you’re thinking I took pictures of all of them, not quite.  It is an amazing temple though with beautiful carved figures and details everywhere.

You’ll also see me in some turquoise drop crotch pants.  I’m sitting down so you won’t get to see how silly they are.  I don’t know what else to call them but you know what I mean.  Rather than the crotch of the pants being in the normal location at the top of one’s thighs, the crotch is just above the knees.  Justin Bieber has been wearing pants like this lately.  I had seen several people with these pants on and was curious.  Are they more comfortable than regular pants?  Perhaps I should try them.  In Udaipur there was a store that had them ridiculously cheap so I decided why not.  These pants are not for me.  Maybe if it wasn’t 100 degrees with 80% humidity I would have enjoyed them.  Or maybe if the top of my thighs didn’t touch I would experience delight instead of discomfort.  I didn’t throw them away.  They’re in my apartment somewhere as a reminder of a bad idea.

Ranakpur was also another fun lesson in: how trash IS NOT managed in India.  I had some tissue to throw away after using the bathroom and I couldn’t find a place to put it.  I asked the bathroom attendant and she pointed to a walled area of concrete.  I looked into it and there was trash of all kinds.  It felt so wrong to just throw it there but bf insisted and I did.  He didn’t want me holding on to it for the next 3 hours in the car which was reasonable.

Let’s check out the temple…

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