Cruising around Lake Pichola

View of City Palace from Lake Pichola

View from Lake Pichola

After walking through the maze of the City Palace of Udaipur it was an ideal moment to take a boat ride around Lake Pichola.  If you walk out an exit gate from the Palace it is a short walk to the boat launch.  You get an orange life vest and a comfy enough seat.

To be cooled by the breeze as we circulated around the lake was refreshing.  It was lovely to sit in a seat in the shade of the boat and observe another side of Udaipur.  Here and there you could see city residents and tourists walking to the water’s edge to swim, bathe or wash something.  The friendly people would wave at us.  I was really into the trees lining the lake for some reason.

The boat stops at Jag Mandir Island which is ideal for walking around and having a nice lunch.  The Jag Mandir Palace was a Summer retreat for the Royal family.  It also served as a refuge for Emperor Shah Jahan (before he became Emperor and when he was Prince Khurram) and his wife Mumtaz Mahal when he coveted his father Emperor Jahangir’s throne.

After a walk around the island and lunch we caught another boat and went back to the city.

There is more to see in Udaipur but we hit the highlights and ready ourselves for our next destination, Jodhpur.


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