Udaipur: Jagdish Temple, Babas and stickers

Baba at Jagdish Temple, Udaipur

Baba at Jagdish Temple, Udaipur

The main attractions of Udaipur are the City Palace and Lake Pichola.  Most of the hotels and restaurants of Udaipur have views of both.  We opted not to stay in the famous Lake Palace Hotel but rather across the lake from everything.  In one day we saw the City Palace, took a boat ride and had lunch on Jagmandir Island in Lake Pichola.

The City Palace has several beautifully decorated rooms and paintings, and it was impressive, but one my favorite parts of the day was seeing the Jagdish Temple and buying stickers of Hindu gods and goddesses at a shop across from the temple.  Jagdish Temple sits north of the entrance gate to the City Palace.  Built in 1651 the temple is dedicated to Krishna who is depicted as Jagannath, Lord of the Universe.  It is a steep, but short, climb up some steps to the entrance of the temple.  As we walked around the perimeter of the building we happened upon a group of babas sitting in the shade.  Their faces were fantastic.  They were kind enough to let me take pictures of them.  I think bf made a small donation to them so that probably helped.  Looking at them just hanging out I wondered what their stories were.

Descending the steps of the temple we saw a vendor with an incredible display of vibrantly colored stickers.  It sits right under the Hotel Baba Palace sign.  There are thousands of gods and goddesses in the Hindu pantheon and while not every single one was represented it seemed close to it.  Studying the selection carefully it was mostly key gods and goddesses in different variations.  We had the best time picking out stickers and canvas bags.  I had a small obsession with Lisa Frank and Mrs. Grossman’s stickers from roughly ages 6 to 13 and seeing these crazy Hindu stickers took me right back there.





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