Bhimlat Waterfall and the Mahanal Temple near Menal

Mahanal Temple dedicated to Shiva near Menal

Mahanal Temple dedicated to Shiva near Menal

River near Mahanal Temple

River near Mahanal Temple

We left sleepy Bundi and continued our journey to Udaipur.  We stopped to see the  large Bhimlat Waterfall, continued driving to Menal to see the Mahanal Temple and finally to Udaipur.  The temple wasn’t crowded.  There were a few guards around but for the most part it was another quiet, contemplative visit.  Parts of the temple grounds were rubble and it was easy to see how tombarolos could take pieces or sculpture of the temple.

Since the temple is dedicated to Shiva his bull Nandi is nearby.  There were locals too checking us out, having picnics and enjoying the day like us.  

I feel bad about neglecting my blog but life keeps interrupting!  Will get back on track!  Thanks for checking things out!

The Mahanal Temple had a turnstile to keep the large animals out.  Unfortunately the river was too high for us to cross to see another related temple.  Apparently we could have driven to the other temple but that would take hours and we didn’t want to get too far off schedule.


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