On the road to Bundi

Colorful truck on the highway

Colorful truck on the highway

From Jaipur we drove to Udaipur stopping in the city of Bundi on the way.  The decorations of the trucks and buses are incredible.  Here in New York I see garbage trucks or 18 wheelers that have whole families names inscribed on them: Anthony, Jordan, Helen and Christina.  There may be a stuffed animal attached to the front grill or some detailing in the side but nothing like the trucks in India.  I never understood why they’re so embellished but it made watching them go by as they nearly crashed into us more interesting.  Oh look that truck is about to run us off the road!  But it’s sooo prettttyyyyyy!  And you’re dead.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, the travel insurance you buy won’t be able to save you when you’re bleeding on the side of the road and it takes an emergency vehicle hours to reach you.  Obviously we never had any accidents but our driver Soref was careful and not out to prove anything.  We told him that we were never in a hurry and we’d like to make it to the end of our trip.  He’d chuckle, smile and say okay.

Here are some scenes from the road:

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