Monkey Temple (Galwar Bagh) at Galtaji

Soref feeding a monkey at Galtaji

Soref feeding a monkey at Galtaji

Another stop on the way to Jaipur was Galtaji.  Since the 1500s Galtaji has been a Hindu pilgrimage site especially for followers of Vishnu, or Vaishnavites.  There are many temples there and some pools or water tanks where people bathe.  It’s known as the Monkey Temple (Galwar Bagh) because there are rhesus macaques all over the place.  National Geographic created a whole show about the monkeys called “Rebel Monkeys.”  There are  12 episodes available (as of now) for viewing, go here.

I am not a fan of monkeys being so close to me (see photo above for how I feel about monkeys).  If I can see them from a safe distance or on TV, movies, I’m okay.  Perhaps it was the movie “Outbreak” that made me scared of monkeys with contagious, fatal diseases that did it.  I put on a brave face and we went into the temple grounds.  There’s a temple overrun by rats, the Karni Mata Temple.  I have no desire to visit it.  I watched some videos online and that was enough.

Let’s check out the temple!

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