Gimme some Gallo stripes!

Selection of Gallo Socks

Selection of Gallo Socks

Since coming back from Rome a few friends have asked me what I bought.  I think they’re disappointed when I tell them Gallo socks!  In going to Rome I never thought it was a shopping trip.  To me it was more a cultural and food trip.  If I had more time to wander the neighborhoods and find local shoe, clothing or handbag shops maybe I would have come back with a new suitcase packed with purchases.

I like sending postcards to my friends and family instead of buying magnets or shot glasses.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen hilarious magnets and shot glasses but I think, “Do my friends really want a magnet with a small plastic Colosseum on it?  Will they really use this shot glass?”  I like to believe my friends would rather see pictures and hear stories than get another tchotchke to dust.  And too bad if ya wanted that Roman tchotchke cause I’m not bringing it back!

Okay, so you won’t bring back a shot glass but you get excited about striped socks?  Well, these are special striped socks.  They’re made in Italy and I thought you could only buy them in Italy but now as I look at their website you can order them online from various retailers (you pay a premium though as they’re more expensive than what we paid).  Alright so that removes the exclusive factor, let’s discuss the sentimental factor.

Bf wears Gallo socks.  I’ve rarely seen him in anything but these colorful, fantastic socks.  Oh and they have to be the long ones that extend almost up to his knee.  Short ones will not do.  I’ve always been tempted to steal his socks but he’d notice.

Imagine my joy as we’re on our way to board our flight back to New York and I spy a free-standing Gallo shop in the middle of the Rome airport terminal!

We received our socks in a nice Gallo logo covered pouch with snaps.  I love the orange rooster logo.

Cock a doodle woooooo!  Gallo socks!

Cock a doodle woooooo! Gallo socks!

It’s easier to match these up instead of just brown and black socks.  I would help my mom match up my stepdad’s black and brown socks and it was no fun.   At least with the stripes you know you’re matching up the right pairs and not a black and brown sock.

Gallo socks just out of the dryer

Gallo socks just out of the dryer

Here’s to an obssession fulfilled.  It will be a slow process to feed the beast but I will enjoy every moment of it.


  1. Karen

    I love those gallo striped knee socks. I bought several pairs last time I was in Italy. Now I ask a friend who travels to Italy to buy them for me. She just delivered my latest pair, picked up in the Rome airport! I buy the men’s size cuz I have big feet! They are fabulous tho expensive!

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