L’Asino d’Oro, Rome

Pancetta with sage and vinegar, L'Asino d'Oro

Pancetta with sage and vinegar, L’Asino d’Oro

I believe in luck.  I often feel fortunate.  Eating dinner at L’Asino d’Oro our third night in Rome I felt fortunate to have discovered another fantastic restaurant.  Were the Gods and Goddesses of Food and Drink smiling down on me?  How did I manage to choose 3 places in a row that blew my mind in their masterful execution of what seemed like simple, straightforward dishes?  Would this streak continue?  (There were a few hiccups but overall yes).  I’m not exaggerating.  We ate another amazing meal.

If you’re in the mood for delicious food at an affordable price in Rome, then add L’Asino d’Oro to your list.  Located in the “quiet treasure” or “cool quarter” of Monti,  L’Asino d’Oro attracts couples, families and the older generation, people who like to eat well.  After our day at the Vatican Museum with a lackluster lunch and later the Galleria Doria Pamphilj (3 Caravaggios!) we were hungry so we each ordered an appetizer and an entrée.  We even had dessert which is something we try to skip (not because we don’t like it but if we drink wine then do we need the extra dessert calories?  Balance).

I started with the pancetta with sage and vinegar (baffo all salvia e aceto) pictured above.  I read that it was good. Who can resist an appetizer of bacon?  It wasn’t just bacon though.  It was the combination of pork with sage and vinegar that made it.

For La Mama (bf’s mom) she had pork livers (not the best picture):

Pork livers, L'Asino d'Oro

Pork livers, L’Asino d’Oro

She loved them.  She was also wondering how I kept finding good restaurants.  I had no explanation except a shrug of the shoulders and a thank you to the Gods and Goddesses of Food and Drink.  Bf had the melodic sounding animelle d’agnello (lamb sweetbreads) over a puree of pea?  I didn’t write it down but it was some green vegetable that complimented the sweetbreads.  We ate a lot of sweetbreads this trip.  If they’re on the menu I don’t rush to order them but I’m no longer afraid of them.  I’m not an offal girl (HA!).  I will try certain things and I gave sweetbreads a try 5 or 6 years ago?  When they’re cooked right they are wonderful, not mushy, not chewy, just Goldilocks right.

Lamb sweetbreads, L'Asino d'Oro

Lamb sweetbreads, L’Asino d’Oro

L’Asino d’Oro is where we saw a guy break out a small sheet of wax paper (or something similar) to adjust the lighting while his female friend took a picture.  Eavesdropping on the conversation we found out he was a food writer of sorts so we gave him a pass but I still rolled my eyes.  I shouldn’t.  It frustrates me to take pictures of my food before I eat it because most of the time I forget and then I get mad at myself for forgetting.  I do understand the value of a picture helping to tell a story so I’m trying to be less judgemental.

I do think that if I invest in a fancy camera and lens my  apprehension to photographing food will disappear because I will produce amazing pictures!  On to the entrées!

Goose leg, L'Asino d'Oro

Goose leg, L’Asino d’Oro

Again, not brave enough to ask for a bite of La Mama’s food.  I’m guessing goose tastes like chicken or quail?

Bf went for the wild boar in a chocolate fondant sauce.  It looked like a mole sauce and was similar in taste although slightly sweeter.  The picture is unremarkable.  Ugh.  I need that new camera!

Wild boar in chocolate fondant, L'Asino d'Oro

Wild boar in chocolate fondant, L’Asino d’Oro

And for me pasta!  Fettucine with duck livers

Fettucini with duck livers, L'Asino d'Oro

Fettucine with duck livers, L’Asino d’Oro

I’ve had beef liver and maybe chicken liver but there is something sublime about goose and duck liver.  Foie gras, yum!  Pâté, bring it on!  I’ve never had fettucine with duck livers so I went for it, and I was happy that I did.  I’m getting hungry looking at it.

When it comes to dessert I like most everything.  Except for lavender flavored things.  I had a lavender pudding that tasted like a sachet so no thank you.  Sometimes cheese is more fun than sweets for dessert because cheese should be its own food group and then you can have dessert wine!  I’m a sucker for ones from Beaumes des Venises or the Pedro Ximénez varietal.

I chose a ricotta mousse with a red fruit crema or puree.

Ricotta mousse with red fruit crema, L'Asino d'Oro

Ricotta mousse with red fruit crema, L’Asino d’Oro

Bf chose a budino with sage and saffron.

Custard with sage and saffron, L'Asino d'Oro

Custard with sage and saffron, L’Asino d’Oro



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