Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris at the Colosseum

My friend Jason sent me this video wondering if Bruce Lee was the Colosseum.  Oh how I wish he was.

There are so many things I love about this clip.  Look how they slowly unbutton (Bruce) and undo their belt (Chuck) to remove their jackets.  The sounds of their flexing and popping joints and muscles pre-fight cannot be real, but I love it.  I’m impressed how Bruce’s lats flare out like the hood of a cobra.  Poor Chuck’s chest and shoulder hair look glued on a la current movies where they make fun of 70s and 80s body hair.  The kitten and cat add that extra Roman touch (although we hardly saw any cats on our trip) even adding some sound effects.  Are the cats and Bruce making the same sounds?  And what about their facial expressions?  Amazing.

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