Hey, Hey Turkey Day

I came home to South Carolina for Thanksgiving.  It’s not my favorite holiday.  I prefer Christmas and my birthday but Thanksgiving is a great excuse to see family and friends.  Our Thanksgivings have varied over the years.  When my stepdad had to work (he’s an ER physician) I remember my mom making a big feast and we brought it to the hospital for my stepdad and the other doctors and nurses working that night.  Since the gallery is open the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving I’ve shared the holiday with other co-workers, my aunt in Manhattan and with a friend’s family in Brooklyn.  One year in SC we went to a Brazilian steakhouse with family friends.  I don’t need turkey.  Bring on the side dishes!

Turkey Day 2012. Courtesy Cassia Reynolds

Since my sister has a great lens on her camera and is the resident photographer of the family I persuaded her to document our feasting.  Here’s a nice selection of the things we ate.  

Corn Muffins

Sweet Potatoes

Green Beans

Brussel Sprouts

Mac and Cheese

Corn Pudding

Friday we had a Filipino Food Fest (I’m half Filipino and the family friends we saw this year are mostly Filipino.)  I want to share those pics too.  I just have to find them!

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