Last Stop in Croatia: Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik was the last jewel of our trip through Croatia.   Maybe it was the season or the idea of being on vacation but from Istria down the coast to Dubrovnik every city and island we visited was beautiful.  We did all the proper tourist things in Dubrovnik: ambled up and down the streets, most importantly the Stradun; walked the top of the city walls (so worth it if you have the patience and compassion for other tourists stopping to take photos unexpectedly); ventured inside St. Blaise Cathedral and the Franciscan monastery with the 3rd oldest pharmacy in Europe dating from 1317; lounged on Banje Beach courtesy our hotel The Pucic Palace; swooped in like a hawk and fought off other eager patrons at Cafe Bar Buza for a picturesque drink or three; rode the cable car for a spectacular sunset view of the city; ate delicious small plates at Lucin Kantun (our best meal in Dubrovnik) and reflected on all that we had seen.  We took a flight from Dubrovnik to Venice so I’ve thrown in a few aerial view of the islands.

It’s not that Dubrovnik was less wonderful than the other cities in Croatia but I’ve been dragging my feet the past few days with my posts.  Maybe it’s that winter inertia or holiday madness that’s numbed my brain.  As we approach Thanksgiving I remember that Christmas quickly follows followed by the New Year, aaahhhhh another year gone!  Kapow!  I get lost contemplating what’s happened in the past year and when I remember the Summer I think of Croatia and Venice and how much I wish I was there again.  So here’s to a memory of the past year and me getting on with it.


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