Truffle-Hunting Dogs, Brenda Walsh Saves a Life & Serious Nail ART

Alba, farmer Andre Feraud’s dog, sniffs a “Black Diamond” truffle at a truffle ground in Reauville in southern France. Courtesy NY Mag

Mmmmm truffles.  Well if you can’t have them you can look at the cute dogs (Pepsi!  Alba!) and helpful pigs (Nini!) that find them.  NY Mag

Shannen & Kurt. Courtesy Shannen Says

Did you ever see Shannen Doherty’s reality show “Shannen Says?”  I caught a few episodes and even though I know she’s not Brenda Walsh in real life I couldn’t help thinking that they were one in the same.  We watched as Shannen planned her wedding which must have happened because there are pictures.  Now she saves lives.  She received some frantic tweets from a fan in NJ and managed to defuse the situation from LA.  Gooooo Brenda!  Stay tuned for her next show “Shannen Saves!” dlisted

Frida Kahlo via Jesus Fever

Painting my finger and toenails is fun but frustrating.  At most the polish stays intact for 2 days and then the chipping begins.  I love these girls who get elaborate nail art done.  I don’t know how they manage to keep it for so long.  These ladies go for nail art with a capital A covering a range of artists from Roy Lichtenstein to Frida Kahlo (amazing) to Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.  Flavorwire

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