A Lox Sherpa and Kids messy rooms

Chhapte Sherpa of Russ & Daughters. Courtesy NY Times.

“When customers ask how someone from Nepal wound up serving lox,” he said, “I tell them I’m from Katman-Jew.”

I’ve mentioned my love of Russ & Daughters before.  I always noticed this guy behind the counter and wondered what his story was.  The NY Times did a feature on Chhapte Sherpa a few days after Hurricane Sandy.  I love his story.

This other feature about kids messy rooms made me laugh.  I thought of my sister and how messy her room was in high school and even now as a college student it’s scary.  I should have sneaked a picture of her room and sent it in for this slideshow.  Part of me wondered if these rooms are real.  There’s a lengthy article about the psychology of kids and their rooms but the pictures are plenty for me.  This picture is a mild example:

Bedroom as Battleground. Courtesy NY Times

It also made me think of the 2007 installation at Deitch Projects that the late Dash Snow and Dan Colen did called “NEST.”  30 volunteers  shredded 2,000 NYC phone books to turn the gallery into a hamster nest of sorts.  Then with the help of friends they completed the installation:

“On July 3rd, Dan and Dash invited fifteen fellow artists including Aaron Bondaroff, Hanna Liden, Jack Walls, Nate Lowman, and Adam McEwan to Grand Street, and from midnight to 8am, rolled around together in the waist-deep shredded paper to create this piece. One night proved to be not enough to complete their creative destruction and Dash brought a group of compatriots four additional nights. With paint poles speared into the wall, bottles protruding from hacked-up sheetrock, and a pummeling of enormous wine, pee, and paint spit-balls stuck to the walls, it seems a great deal took place during these night-into-mornings.”

How funny that it took 47 people to create something that doesn’t look or sound nearly as shudder-inducing as these kids’ rooms.

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