Farewell to Gossip Girl

Tonight is the beginning of the sixth and final season of Gossip Girl.  6 seasons?  Good grief.  I’ve given chunks of the last 5 years to this show?  Indeed.  I watched from the beginning out of curiosity, then because I was hooked and, in the past 3 seasons, just to see it end.  When it became totally ridiculous I watched because the recaps and comments on nymag.com were hilarious–imagine reading them and laughing out loud so that your co-workers ask what’s so funny not wanting to admit you just read a recap of a show dubbed The Greatest Show of Our Time, but when you do everyone rolls their eyes, judges quietly and leaves you alone.

Sometimes I’d miss an episode, read the recap and go back and watch the episode just to feel like I was part of group.  I never commented but the regular commentators are a witty and funny bunch.  Josh Schwartz did better here than with The OC by not throwing out all the possible plots at once, although by season 3 or 4 everyone on Gossip Girl had slept with each other at least once or come close.

For me the best parts of the show were trying to guess where they were filming in NYC and if I had ever been there; the fashion of the women and Chuck Bass; and the chemistry between Blair and Chuck.  Also the general over-the-topness of the lives of the characters was a fun escape.  I may have woes but oh, the woes of the fabulous Upper East Side!

So here’s a slideshow of iconic style moments from the show by The Fug Girls.  They initiated and led the recaps and they do a great job of dressing down the fashion mistakes of celebs on their blog, which I mention in my Resources, Go Fug Yourself.  

You know you love me.


Remain a Girl

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