Movie Mondays: The Master and Arbitrage

I love going to the movies.  Sometimes I get a cherry coke because it tastes so much better than from a bottle–that direct combination of syrup and soda is so sugary and bad.  I always try to get there in time for the previews, but most of all I love getting way too involved and wrapped up in the characters and story.

Movies are one of the constants of my life, from childhood until now.  So much of my middle and high school social life revolved around the movies.  We would go to the mall, meet our boyfriends and “watch” a movie.  I saw “Dances with Wolves” and “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” 3 times each, once for real, and the other 2, well sort of.

In college, I can’t remember which year or semester, I had just finished finals week and my dad picked me up and we saw 2 or 3 movies in a row.  He thought it was a good way to relax and I couldn’t agree more.  At the Apollo, the local theater in Oberlin, Ohio (I went to Oberlin),  it was the first and maybe only time I heard 40s rolling down the aisle.  Aaaahhh the movies.

These days I find particular joy in my Movie Mondays.  I work Tuesday through Saturday which gives me a Sunday-Monday weekend.  It was strange at first but now after working this way for so long it’s hard to imagine it any other way.  Monday always felt like I was playing hooky until I noticed lots of other people going to the movies on Monday too.  Oh well.

This past Monday I saw “Arbitrage.”  I won’t give away exactly what happens.  It captures a series of major events in the life of a powerful finance guy played by Richard Gere.  He was handsome in “American Gigolo” and he has good chemistry with some of his leading ladies but he’s never done much for me.  What was remarkable is how his character made bad decisions but somehow through luck, power and money he ends up okay (Duh, it’s the movies).  He’s not a nice man.  He gives to charity and seems like he cares about others but really he is selfish, entitled, classicist, racist.  I left wondering how many guys like him are out there now getting away with terrible things since only a few (Bernie Madoff) get caught.

The townhouse he and his family live in had the most amazing chandelier that descended through the center of the stairwell of the house.  It was rectangular in shape with millions of rectangle-shaped crystals forming a sparkling column of light, a very modern-contemporary touch in a rather traditional but not chintz and tassel covered home.

There was a scene of Susan Sarandon on the elliptical machine.  She had on an off the shoulder shirt and there was no visible bra strap.  From paparazzi photos I know she’s well-endowed so how the heck is she bouncing around without support?  No one works out in a strapless bra.  Unless you’re Amanda Bynes.

“The Master” left me feeling uneasy about what I had just seen.  I know that Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix were both amazing, and Amy Adams held her own, but whoa, it was a lot to take in.  The cinematography was beautiful.  I loved the shots of the swirling turquoise, deep blue water and the light present in all the scenes.

Here you have portraits of men who feel beholden to none, resolute in their paths and just a tad crazy.  It’s hard for me to say I loved the movie because the characters that Hoffman and Phoenix play are not likeable.  I want to know what happened to them to make them the way they are.

I’ll try to be more timely in my Movie Monday posts.  I want to see the Diana Vreeland movie, “Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel” and I’m excited about the new James Bond, “Skyfall,” but right now there’s not too much I want to play $13 to see.

I saw Daniel Craig in the street once and his eyes are really that blue.  Happy Weekend!

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