Cooking with Stanley Tucci would be awesome

I love his home kitchen setup:

“Mr. Tucci, 51, is a proud and avid cook, and at his home in northern Westchester County, not far from Concetta Tropiano’s old stamping grounds, his arsenal of equipment trumps what many restaurants have on hand. In addition to the six burners and acres of counter space in his kitchen, there’s a mammoth stone pizza oven, made in Italy, on the patio outside, along with a gas grill as large as a Fiat, a free-standing paella pan the size of a wading pool, and a coffinlike wood-and-aluminum roasting box, called a Caja China, that can accommodate up to 100 pounds of meat. He likes his dinner parties populous and his friends carnivorous.”

I am carnivorous!  Invite me over!  I’ll help and hang out with you and Felicity anytime!

Read all about it, see a slideshow and even a video here.

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