Dressler is delicious!

After Mickalene Thomas, we checked out Dressler.  It was delicious.  I highly recommend it.  Their star chef Polo Dobkin is leaving and I’m not sure if he’s left yet but if last night is any indication Dressler will carry on!

We shared a black mission fig salad with frissee, arugula, spicy coppa, Danish blue cheese and navel oranges.  I didn’t love the oranges but they added a nice sparkle with all the other rich elements.  I had the pork loin and pork belly over white corn polenta, collard greens and maitake mushrooms.  All the components had such a great flavor on their own but together made perfect sense, YUM!  Bf had swordfish with farro and some capers.  He can’t remember it all but he remembers it being “so good.”  It must have been because he didn’t offer me a bite.  I couldn’t say no so we got the mascarpone cheesecake.  I had a quarter of it and it was amazing.  Thank goodness for self-control, which I don’t usually exercise, because I would have eaten it all.  Oh we also had a bottle of chardonnay, surprise, from Ojai.  Yeah!

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